A great DJ is passionate about music, in fact they are almost obsessive about their music.
They look high and low for the next big tune before it becomes the next big tune. A DJ's
primary goal is to entertain. They don’t worry about what others are playing and buying, they
only care about what they are projecting, they believe in their own musical taste and style,
and are not afraid to take calculated risks if and when needed.
The Definitive DJ Bio Spotlight
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DJ John LePage
DJ Scott Mann
Making the world dance, one anthem at a time!
DJ Tristan Jaxx

DJ Pumpkin Spice

An up and coming star within the gay scene, Pumpkin Spice is proving that his ambition, talent,
and versatility combine for a powerful trifecta. This trifecta has scored him many
accomplishments such as several Billboard charting remixes, and appearances all around the
From his home base in San Francisco, California, Pumpkin Spice works in his studio to
consistently bring new remixes and sets every month to his followers.

Already a favorite among current members and DJChris with his impressive anthem remixes,
CircuitAndAnthems proudly presents the newest DJ to grace the “Definitive DJ Bio Spotlight”

All hail the Spice!!

You can stay up to date with all things Spicy by following him on:

Instagram (@pumpkinspicedj),
Facebook :
Soundcloud :
Official Website:
DJ Drew G