The Definitive Disco Funk 12" Collection

In the 1970s and early 1980s, a new group of musicians further developed the "funk rock" approach innovated by
George Clinton, with his main bands Parliament and, later, Funkadelic. Together, they produced a new kind of funk
sound heavily influenced by jazz and psychedelic rock. The two groups had members in common and often are
referred to collectively as "Parliament-Funkadelic." The breakout popularity of Parliament-Funkadelic gave rise to the
term "P-Funk", which referred to the music by George Clinton's bands, and defined a new subgenre.  "P-funk" also
came to mean something in its quintessence, of superior quality, or sui generis, as in the lyrics from "P-Funk (Wants
to Get Funked Up)" a hit single from Parliament's album "Mothership Connection".  The 1970s was probably the era of
highest mainstream visibility for funk music. George Clinton played a masterminding role in Bootsy's Rubber Band and
several other bands he put together, including Parlet, the Horny Horns, and the Brides of Funkenstein, all part of the
P-Funk conglomerate.

In the early 1970’s, when funk was becoming more mainstreamed, artists like Parliament, Funkadelic, Rufus & Chaka
Khan, the Isley Brothers, Sly and the Family Stone, Ohio Players, Labelle, Confunkshun, among others, were
successful and getting radio play but according to Billboard Magazine, only Sly & the Family Stone had singles which
made it to #1. In 1970 ‘Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)’ hit # 1 as did ‘Family Affair’ in 1971 affording Sly and
Funk crossover success and greater recognition unlike some of their equally talented but moderately popular peers
before the arrival of Disco around the middle of that decade which remained hugely popular until the early 80's.
Herbie Hancock starting with his 1973 "Head Hunters" album continued playing funk throughout his entire career. In
fact, all of his 70's albums after "Head Hunters" were heavily influenced by Funk. It was the main driving force of
Hancock's 70's music, most of it being instrumental. He was also one of the first big jazz artists to switch his sound to

Disco music owed a great deal to funk. Many early disco songs and performers came directly from funk-oriented
backgrounds. Some disco music hits, for example "I'm Your Boogie Man" by KC & The Sunshine Band, "I'm Every
Woman" by Chaka Khan also known as The Queen of Funk Soul, and "Le Freak" by Chic, included riffs or rhythms
very similar to funk music.

George Clinton
Parliament / Funkadelic
The Definitive 12” Collection

Atomic Dog (Extended Mix  9:58)
Do Fries Go With That Shake? (Extended Mix  6:33)
One Nation Under A Groove (Full Club Version  11:28)
Knee Deep
(Not Just)  (Full Club Version  15:20)
Flashlight  (Full Club Version  10:44)
Aqua Boogie (12” Version  6:43)
Give Up The Funk
(Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) (Extended Mix  5:45)
George Clinton
Bop Gun (Endangered Species) (Extended Mix  8:36)
Work That Sucker To Death (Extended Mix  6:46)
Atomic Dog (DJ Remix  7:39)

Rick James
The Definitive 12” Collection

You And I (Extended Mix  8:08)
Give It To Me Baby (Extended Mix 5:43)
Super Freak (Extended Mix  6:59)
Dance With Me (Extended Mix  7:18)
Mary Jane (Extended Mix  5:13)
Bustin’ Out
(On Funk) (Extended Mix  5:20)
Cold Blooded (Extended Mix  5:58)
17 (Extended Mix  6:43)
I’m A Sucker For Your Love with Teena Marie (Extended Mix  5:56)
Party All The Time with Eddie Murphy (DJ Remix 6:54)
Super Freak (DJ Remix  5:18)

The Definitive 12” Collection

Word Up! (Extended Mix  5:53)
I Just Wanna Be (Extended Mix  6:23)
Shake Your Pants (Extended Mix  6:27)
Candy (Extended Mix  5:43)
She’s Strange (Extended Mix  7:11)
Flirt (Wicked Mix  6:10)
Single Life (Extended Mix  6:38)
Find My Way (Extended Mix  5:19)
Attack Me With Your Love (Extended Mix  6:34)
Skin I’m In (Extended Mix  6:57)
The Cameo Megamix (Extended Mix  9:15)

Kool & The Gang
The Definitive 12” Collection 2

Celebration  (DJ Remix  6:44)
Ladies Night  (12” Version  6:34)
Get Down On It  (12” Version  6:08)
Tonight  (12” Version  6:17)
Fresh  (12” Version  5:49)
Cherish  (12” Version  5:39)
Misled (12” Version  5:05)
Joanna  (12” Promo Version  4:39)
Emergency (Extended Mix  5:20)
Victory (DJ Remix  6:46)
Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It) (Original Long 12' Remix  5:48)
Hangin' Out (Original 12' Remix  6:05)
Too Hot  (12” Version  5:08)
Celebration  (Special DJ Remix  6:36)
Fresh  (Special DJ Mix  5:40)
Tonight (Ultrasound Longer Version  6:37)
Fresh (Ultrasound Longer Version  8:38)

Earth, Wind & Fire
The Definitive 12” Collection

Boogie Wonderland with The Emotions  (12” Version  8:17)
September  (DJ Remix  5:38)
Let’s Groove  (DJ Remix  6:00)
Reasons  (Extended Live Version  8:26)
That’s The Way Of The World  (12” Version  5:44)
After The Love Has Gone  (12” Version  4:59)
Brazilian Rhyme  (Kenny Dope Remix  5:37)
Can’t Hide Love  (MAW Remix  10:55)
Let’s Groove  (DJ Remix  6:22)
Phillip Bailey with Phil Collins - Easy Lover  (DJ Remix  7:04)
Let's Groove (Extended Mix  5:20)
Reasons (Extended Mix  4:29)
Boogie Wonderland (Bimbo Jones 12 Inch Version  7:57)
Boogie Wonderland (Offer Nissim Remix  7:57)

Rose Royce
The Definitive 12” Collection

Car Wash  (Long Version  5:06)
Do Your Dance  (12” Version  9:18)
Magic Touch  (Extended Mix  6:03)
Love Me Right  (Extended Mix  5:55)
Wishing On A Star  (12” Version  4:53)
Ooh Boy  (12” Version  3:51)
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore  (12” Version  3:55)
I Wanna Get Next To You  (12” Version  3:58)
Makes You Feel Like Dancing  (12” Version  4:32)
Is It Love You’re After  (Extended Mix  5:04)
RR Express  (Extended Mix  12:00)
Car Wash ’88  (Extended Mix  8:50)
Car Wash (DJ Remix  5:41)

The Gap Band
The Definitive 12” Collection

You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Full Length Version  13:04)
Burn Rubber (Extended Mix  5:33)
Early In The Morning (Extended Mix  7:35)
Shake (Extended Mix  5:59)
Going In Circles (Remix  5:38)
Humpin' (Extended Mix  5:16)
Outstanding (Extended Mix  6:13)
I Don’t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Extended Mix  8:39)
Party Train (Extended Dance Remix  7:28)
Baby Baba Boogie (Recontructure Remix  9:04)

The Commodores
The Definitive 12” Legends Collection

Brick House (Extended 12” Mix  6:14)
Too Hot Ta Trot (Extended Mix  5:37)
Three Times A Lady (Extended Mix  6:39)
Sail On (Extended Mix  5:35)
Just To Close To You (Extended Mix  6:25)
This Love (Extended Mix  5:18)
Lady (Extended Mix  5:01)
Easy (Extended Mix  4:52)
Night Shift (Extended Mix  5:04)
Machine Gun (12” Mix  2:43)
Brick House (DJ Remix  5:27)
Lionel Richie
All Night Long (Extended Mix  6:19)

Stevie Wonder
The Definitive 12" Legends Collection

Do I Do  (12” Version  10:28)
Boogie On Reggae Woman  (Extended Mix  6:09)
As  (Extended Mix  7:08)
Isn’t She Lovely  (Extended Version  6:34)
Happy Birthday  (Extended UK Version  8:09)
My Eyes Don’t Cry No More  (Extended  7:09)
Signed, Sealed, Delivered  (DJ Remix  4:21)
My Cheri Amour  (12” Version  2:51)
Overjoyed  (12” Version  3:41)
Ribbons In The Sky  (Extended Version  5:41)
Upset Stomach  (12” Dance Version  4:37)
Master Blaster
(Jammin’)  (12” Version  5:21)

Stevie Wonder
The Definitive 12" Legends Collection  2

I Just Called To I Love You  (Extended Mix  6:19)
Go Home (Extended Mix  5:19)
Part Time Lover  (Dance Mix  8:23)
Happy Birthday  (Extended Mix  5:54)
Living For The City  (Extended Mix  7:25)
Superstition  (DJ Remix  5:53)
Sir Duke  (12” Version  3:17)
Isn’t She Lovely  (12” Version  3:21)
Love Light In Flight  (Extended Mix  6:54)
That Girl  (Extended Mix  5:14)
Don’t Drive Drunk  (Extended Mix  6:36)
I Wish  (White Label Mix  5:17)
My Love Is On Fire  (White Label Mix  8:48)

The Definitive 12” Collection

The Grooveline  (Special Disco Version  7:26)
Boogie Nights  (Special DJ Remix  6:28)
Eyeballin’  (Special Disco Version  6:37)
Always And Forever  (12” Version  6:16)
Ain’t No Half Steppin’  (Extended Mix  5:06)
Gangsters On The Groove  (12” Disco Version  6:55)
Mind Blowing Decisions  (Extended Mix  7:39)
Star Of A Story  (Extended Mix  5:48)
Dreamin' You (12" Version  3:58)
Posin' Til Closin' (12" Version  3:37)
Look After Love  (Extended Mix  5:42)
Happiness Togetherness (12” Promo  4:01)
Boogie Nights/Grooveline Medley  (DJ Special Remix  6:16)

Teena Marie
The Definitive 12” Collection

Square Biz  (12” Version  6:22)
Lovergirl  (Extended Mix  5:44)
Behind The Groove  (12” Version  6:06)
Fix It  (12” Version  6:34)
I Need Your Lovin’  (12” Version  7:34)
Ooh La La La  (12” Version  6:16)
Portugese Love  (12” Version  7:52)
Casanova Brown  (12” Version  5:59)
Déjà Vu  (12” Version  7:42)
Out On A Limb  (12” Version  5:30)
It Must Be Magic  (12” Version  6:11)
Lips To Find You  (Dance Mix  5:07)

Mary Jane Girls
The Definitive 12” Collection

Candyman  (Extended Mix  7:44)
Boys  (Extended Mix  5:48)
In My House  (Extended Mix  5:10)
Wild & Crazy Love  (Extended Mix  6:23)
All Night Long  (Extended Mix  5:46)
Jealousy  (12” Mix  6:52)
Musical Love  (Extended Mix  5:09)
Lonely For You  (12” Mix  4:20)
Shadow Lover  (12” Version  7:21)
All Night Long  (Hustler’s Convention Remix  6:09)
In My House  (Bootleg Remix  6:29)
Candyman  (12” Remix   6:28)

Stephanie Mills
The Definitive 12” Collection

I Never Knew Love Like This Before  (12” Version  6:23)
Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin’  (12” Version  8:03)
Sweet Sensations  (12” Version  6:26)
Put Your Body In It  (Extended Mix  6:05)
Pilot Error  (Extended Remix  8:37)
The Medicine Song  (Extended Mix  6:40)
Put A Rush On Me  (Extended Mix  5:55)
Stand Back  (Extended Mix  5:10)
You Can Get Over  (12” Disco Mix  9:02)
I Never Knew Love Like This Before  (Vasquez Remix  10:11)
Bit By Bit (Theme from “Fletch”  3:30)
Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin' (David Morales Club Mix  8:03)

The Emotions
The Definitive 12” Collection

Best Of My Love  (DJ Remix  6:22)
I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love  (DJ Remix  5:39)
Boogie Wonderland with Earth, Wind & Fire  (Extended Mix  8:24)
Don’t Ask My Neighbor  (12” Version  4:28)
I Just Love That Man  (Extended  4:38)
Me For You  (Extended  4:16)
Flowers  (Extended Mix  4:28)
Yes, I Am  (12” Version  4:08)
All Right, All Night  (12” Version  4:29)
Best Of My Love  (12” Version  3:42)
I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love  (U Remix  5:41)
Boogie Wonderland 2006 with Earth, Wind & Fire (Offer Nissim Mix  5:50)

Funk This!
Disco Funk Classics! Part 1

Dazz – Dusic  (Extended Mix  5:25)
The Commodores – Brick House  (Extended Mix  6:15)
Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove  (Extended Mix  7:24)
Heatwave – Boogie Nights  (DJ Remix  6:29)
Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go  (Extended Mix  7:19)
Joe Tex – Ain’t Gonna Bump No More  (12” Version  6:28)
Johnny Taylor – Disco Lady  (12” Version  7:44)
L.T.D. – Back In Love Again  (12” Version  6:01)
Parliament – Flashlight  (Full Length Mix  10:44)
Rufus – Do What You Feel  (Extended Mix  5:49)

Funk This!
Disco Funk Classics!  Part 2

Funkadelic – Knee Deep (Not Just) (Full Length Version  15:20)
Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Extended Mix  5:40)
Kurtis Blow – The Breaks (Extended Mix 6:31)
Brick – Dazz (Extended Mix  5:40)
Cameron – Get It Off (Extended Mix  7:34)
George Clinton – Atomic Dog (Full Length Version  9:58)
Sugarhill Gang – Apache (Extended Mix  6:17)
Roy Ayers – Running Away (Extended Mix  6:56)
Parliament – Give Up The Funk (Extended Mix  5:45)
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