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Yearly VIP DJ Membership
The VIP Membership is geared at DJ's and dance enthusiasts and is
$150 yearly for BOTH "X" and "D" dance circuit series monthly.

This includes 12 monthly releases of FREE current circuit and diva anthems delivered right to your fingertips!
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VIP Dual Membership
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SVIP Professional DJ Membership
The SVIP Membership very exclusive and is geared at professional DJ's only.
The membership fee if
$300 and is good for 3 years!

Includes the monthly "X" and "D" dance circuit series
The monthly 2020.1-12 series
The "XD XTRA" monthly series

We will even get you a song and remix by request..FREE.
This plan is very exclusive and LIMITED.
SALE $250  (Save $50 )
DJChris PRIVATE Club DJ Membership
The 5 Year Plan Exclusive Elusive Membership is geared at DJ's and dance enthusiasts.
Membership is $500 and good for 5 years.

Free monthly X and D VIP Releases
Free XD XTRA monthly releases
Free monthly 2020 releases
New releases sent to you automatically free.
Priority in LIMITED releases free
Priority requests
(Limitations apply)

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