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Includes the monthly "X" and "D" dance circuit series
The monthly 2017.1-12 series
The "XD XTRA" monthly series

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The Greatest Hits X & D So Far…

Junior Vasquez - X (Club 69 Future Mix 12:28)
Murk vs. Kristine W. - Some Lovin (Peter Rauhofer Mix  10:42)
Chaka Khan & Mary J Blige - Disrespectful (DJ Paulo & Todd Dutkevitch Mix  7:53)
Ceevox with The Housekeeperz - Wurkin' (DJ Paulo's Unreleased Private Vox Mix  9:44)
Amuka - Appreciate Me (Trip To Paradise Mix  9:44)
Andrea Doria - Bucci Bag (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix  8:33)
Bodega Queen - Busted (DJ Paulo Vs Ralphi Rosario Club Mix  7:22)
Diabolique - Face, Body, Bitch & Queen (Dario X Gay Club Mix  7:59)
Inaya Day – Nasty Girl (Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix  9:48)
Purple Kitty - Bang On (Hex Hector Club Mix  9:11)
Anjulie - Boom (DJ Paulo Mix  8:31)
Beat Hustlerz - Just About Had Enough (Hustlerz Main Mix  10:31)
A Girl Called Jane - He's Alive (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix  9:55)
Keenan Cahill and Electrovamp - Hands Up (DJ Escape and Tony Coluccio Extended Mix  7:38)
Rihanna - American Oxygen (Dario Xavier Remix  8:37)
Absolute feat Suzanne Palmer - I Believe (Ralphi Rosario Aggro Vocal Mix  9:44)
Celeda - The Underground (Peter Rauhofer's Original Underground Mix  10:47)
Ceevox with Sugavox - Gonna (DJ Paulo Remade Massive Vox Mix  8:19)
Avenue D - Do I Look Like A Slut (Peter's Dirty Ho Mix  6:28)
Barry Harris feat Pepper Mashay - Dive In The Pool 2K16
(Luis Alvarado & Jose Spinnin Cortes Remix  7:30)
C-Rod feat Jason Walker - Raise Your Hands (Gustavo Scorpio Club Mix  7:19)
Michael Canitrot feat Ron Carroll - When You Got Love (Toy Armada Club Remix  8:26)
Goldfrapp - Ohh La La (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix  9:15)
Margaret Cho - Daddy Gay Story (Junior Vasquez Earth Club Mix  9:28)
Dolly Parton - Peace Train (Junior Vasquez Anthem Mix  10:37)
Abba - Barry Harris Megamix 2016 (Club Extended Mix  15:10)
Dolce & Gabbana - Runway Music (Junior Vasquez Mix  8:07)
Offer Nissim feat Dynasty Season - The Children (Original Anthem Mix  6:58)
Alan T feat Circuit Boy - The Door (Victor Calderone Mix  8:11)
Avicii - Wake Me Up (D&J Club Mix  - David Marc & Joe Gauthreaux Anthem Mix  7:58)
Anna Kendrick - Cups (Ranny's Sunrise Mix  6:03)
Bielfield - Kings & Queens (Tracy Young Ferosh Reconstruction Club Mix  8:31)
Adele - Turning Tables (DJ Santos Turning Club Mix  10:14)
Paulo & Jackinsky feat Michael G - Chicky Boom (Jackinsky's Massive Rework Mix  5:20)
David Morales with Janice Robinson - I Make You Gaga (Gaga Massive Mix  7:39)
Jimmy James - Fashionista (Castelli Tribal Mix  8:11)
David Morales - How Would U Feel (Peter Rauhofer Remix  10:08)
Bimbo Jones - Freeze (Wayne G Atlantis Anthem Mix  6:57)
DJ Chus - Black Rain (DJ Paulo Remix  9:32)
DJW - All Hail The Diva (Edson Pride Divas Out Mix  9:28)
Gustavo Scorpio - Butt Slap (Original Boom Slap Mix  7:48)
Edson Pride - Venus (Tommy Love Spring Remix  6:16)
Dirty Gringos - Cowbell's (Tony Moran & Twisted Dee Mix  9:31)
Dario X - Voices In My Head (Original Mix  7:01)
DrewG. - Hands Off (J Warren Big Room Remix  6:05)
Monster Taxi and Tatiana Blades - Porn Star Hot (DJ Cubanito Dutch Dub Mix  7:54)
Masters At Work - Work (Bruno Ramos COLOURS Remix  7:38)
Dave McCullen - Bitch (Tommy Love Remix  7:47)
DDR - Blow My Whistle Bitch (Extended Anthem Mix  5:36)
DJ Irene - There's Some Whores In This House (Chris Cox & DJ Irene Mix  6:21)
Club 69 - Let Me Be Your Underwear (Hot Tracks Mix  6:00)
Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Gustavo Scorpio Mix  7:39)


DJ PP - Queen Of The Disco (Hazzaro & Jerome Robins Remix  6:36)
Peter Rauhofer - Real Bitch (Angel X Rework  4:34)
Roxy - Chocolate and Peanut Butter (DJ Paulo Xtravaganza Mix  7:24)
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The current month "X" and "D" dance circuit series
The current month 2017.1-12 series

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Be part of the internet's best kept secret!
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