Ultimate 12" Dance MegaCollections


The Erasure Medley (DJ Remix  10:57)
Who Needs Love Like That (Mexican Mix  6:09)
Heavenly Action (Love That Mix Version  6:37)
Oh L’Amour (Funky Sisters Remix  7:00)
Sometimes (12’ Remix  5:05)
Hideaway (Louie Vega Club Mix  7:15)
It Doesn’t Have To Be (Extended Mix  7:16)
Sexuality (Private Mix  6:00)
Victim Of Love (12” Version  7:06)
The Circus (Bareback Rider Mix  6:39
Ship Of Fools (Soil In The Synth Remix  5:37)
Chains Of Love (Shep Pettibone Mix  7:34)
Don’t Suppose (Country Joe Mix  6:00)
River Deep, Mountain High (Extended Mix  7:01)
A Little Respect (Extended Mix  6:41)
Stop! (12” Remix  5:42)
Knocking On Your Door (12” Remix  6:01)
Drama (Krucial Mix  7:08)
Paradise (Lost And Found Mix  5:48)
Supernature (William Orbit Mix  6:57)
Sweet Baby Baby (12” Version  4:15)
You Surround Me (Mark Saunders Remix  7:28)
Blue Savannah (Mark Saunders Mix  6:55)
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Dangerous Mix  4:42)
Looking Glass Sea (from the Motion Picture “Dick Tracy”) (12” Version  2:28)
Star (Extended Club Mix  6:14)
Chorus (DJ Remix  6:25)
I Love To Hate You (Hot Tracks Remix  6:09)
When Will I See You Again (Extended Mix  5:14)
Breath Of Life (Divine Inspiration Mix  6:42)
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
with KD Lang (Classic Club Mix  6:05)
Lay All Your Love On Me (DJ Remix  6:24)
Take A Chance On Me (12” Version  3:40)
Voulez Vous (Extended Club Mix  5:32)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (Extended Dance Mix  3:36)
SOS (Perimeter Mix  5:17)
Always (Direct Hit Remix  5:36)
Run To The Sun (Extended Mix  4:41)
Fingers And Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Sound Factory Mix  9:49)
I Love Saturdays (JX Mix  6:58)
In My Arms (12” Version  3:28)
Rock Me Gently (Extended Mix  10:02)
Stay With Me (12” Version  4:44)
Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me (Tall Paul Mix  7:46)
Rain (Al Stone Remix  4:08)
Freedom (Mark Pichiotti Mix  8:11)
Moon & The Sky (The Millionaires Mix  3:32)
Solsbury Hill (Rauhofer Hard Hitter Mix  7:22)
Oh L’Amour (The Hits! Remix  5:48)
Breathe (Roar Remix  5:02)
All This Time Still Falling In Love (Extended Mix  7:38)
I Could Fall In Love With You (Monteverde Mix  6:26)
Sunday Girl (Riff And Rays Mix  6:45)
Sucker For Love (Manolo Remix  9:21)
The Erasure Megamix (Extended Mix  9:20)
Always (Manhattan Clique Mix  7:06)
Chains Of Love (Wayne G & Porl Young Remix  6:55)
Blue Savannah (Gustavo Scorpio Remix  7:54)
Andy Bell  Crazy (Vince Clark Remix  5:50)
Andy Bell  Will You Be There (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix  7:37)
Andy Bell  Say What You Want  (Fabrice Potec Remix  6:05)
Andy Bell  Honey If You Love Him (Extended Mix  4:56)
Andy Bell  Non-Stop (Manza Extended Mix  4:05)
Andy Bell  Running Out (Vega Italo Mix  7:08)


A Little Respect (Almighty Remix  7:11)
Always (Extended Mix Strangegay  8:18)
Chains Of Love (Almighty Remix  7:20)

Donna Summer

I Feel Love  (Patrick Cowley DJ Megamix  15:45)
Love To Love You Baby  (Full Length Version  16:49)
Could It Be Magic (Extended Mix  6:17)
Try Me, I Know We Can Make It (Full Length Version  18:00)
Wasted (12” Version  5:31)
Spring Affair (Extended Mix  8:30)
Winter Melody (Extended Mix  6;32)
Autumn Changes (Extended Mix  6:50)
Summer Fever (Extended Mix  8:04)
Black Lady (Extended Mix  6:31)
Lady Of The Night (12” Version  4:03)
Take Me (Extended Mix  5:06)
The Hostage (12” Version  4:16)
I Feel Love (Extended Mix  8:18)
Down Down, Deep Inside
(Theme from “The Deep”) (Extended Mix  6:06)
I Remember Yesterday (12” Version  4:59)
Love’s Unkind (Extended Mix  7:06)
Back In Love Again (12” Version  3:59)
Once Upon A Fairy Tale  (Full Length Medley  16:45)
(Once Upon A Time-Faster And Faster-Fairy Tale High-Say Something Nice)
Rumour Has It  (Extended Mix  7:45)
Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart (12” Version  4:57)
Sweet Romance (12” Version  4:30)
Working The Midnight Shift (Extended Mix  5:06)
Now I Need You (Extended Mix  6:07)
Queen For A Day (Extended Mix  6:59)
Rumor Has It Tale (Full Length Medley  14:10)
(Rumor Has It-I Love You-Happily Ever After)
If You Got It Flaunt It (12’ Version  4:45)
Dance Into My Life (12” Version  4:09)
Last Dance  (Unreleased 12” Version  8:11)
Je T’ Aime (Mon Non Plus) (Full Length Version  15:46)
Shut out/Heaven Is A Disco
with Paul Jabara (Extended Mix  7:46)
MacArthur Park Suite (Full Length Version  17:36)
(MacArthur Park-One Of A Kind-Heaven Knows)
Heaven Knows with Brooklyn Dreams  (DJ Remix  6:42)
MacArthur Park (Extended Single Version  6:26)
Heaven Knows
with Brooklyn Dreams (12" Version  6:43)
Never Lose Your Sense Of Humor
with Paul Jabara (12” Version  4:36)
Hot Stuff  (12" Version  6:40)
Bad Girls (12’ Version  4:55)
Bad Girls  (DJ Remix  6:15)
Dim All The Lights  (12" Version  7:10)
Sunset People  (12" Version  6:27)
Our Love – Lucky (DJ Remix  8:45)
With Your Love  (12" Version  6:06)
Our Love (Extended Mix  4:55)
Lucky (Extended Mix  8:14)
On My Honor (12” Version  3:33)
There Will Always Be A You (Extended Mix  5:05)
One Night In My Lifetime (12” Version  4:12)
Walk Away  (12" Version  7:15)
Love Will Always Find You (12” Version  3:59)
Can’t Get To Sleep At Night (12” Version  4:58)
On The Radio  (Long Version  7:35)
No More Tears
(Enough Is Enough) with Barbra Streisand (Full Length Version  11:44)
Grand Illusion (12” Version  4:01)
Looking Up (Chris’ Next Step Club Mix  7:07)
The Wanderer (12” Version  3:48)
The Wanderer (Ultimate New Wave 12” Mix  6:29)
Cold Love (Extended Mix  6:56)
Who Do You Think You’re Fooling (Fire Island Mix 10:58)
Highway Runner (DJ Remix  8:17)
True Love Survives (Dance Remix  3:58)
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (DJ Remix  5:28)
I’m A Rainbow (12” Version  4:08)
Leave Me Alone (12” Version  4:06)
People Talk (12” Version  4:17)
Romeo (Funhouse 12” Version  6:07)
Love is In Control
(Finger On The Trigger) (12” Version  7:06)
State Of Independence (Extended Mix  5:51)
Mystery Of Love (Chris Ultimate Extended Mix  6:22)
Protection (12” Version  3:38)
The Woman In Me (Sultry Dance Mix  7:39)
with Bruce Springsteen (RARE Promo Dance Mix  3:39)
She Works Hard For The Money (Special Long Version  6:07)
Stop, Look And Listen (Extended Mix  5:51)
He’s A Rebel (Extended Mix  5:10)
Unconditional Love
with Musical Youth (Extended Mix  5:12)
with Musical Youth (12” Version  3:24)
There Goes My Baby (12” Version  4:09)
Supernatural Love (12” Dance Mix  7:06)
Eyes (Jellybean Benitez Dance Mix  6:57)
Oh Billy Please (Bentboy Mix  10:41)
I’m Free (Jellybean Benitez Club Mix  6:20)
Breakdown (Extended Mix  9:16)
Cats Without Claws (Extended Mix  8:54)
Suzanna (12” Version  4:33)
All Systems Go (Extended Dance Mix  7:52)
Thinkin’ About My Baby (Extended Mix  6:21)
Voices Cryin’ Out (Extended Mix  5:21)
Only The Fool Survives
with Micky Thomas (12” Version  4:45)
Love Shocks (12” Version  4:19)
Dinner With Gershwin (Extended Dance Mix  7:58)
Sometimes Like Butterflies (12” Version  4:19)
This Time I Know It’s For Real  (Extended Mix  7:24)
Love's About To Change My Heart  (12" Version  6:15)
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt  (12" Version  6:57)
Whatever Your Heart Desires (DJ Remix  6:12)
When Love Takes Over You  (12" Version  6:06)
If It Makes You Feel Good  (Extended Mix  6:35)
Breakaway (Extended Mix  6:05)
This Time I Know It's For Real  (DJ Remix  7:09)
Work That Magic  (DJ Remix  6:17)
Get Ethnic (Extended Mix  5:24)
When Love Cries (Summertime Remix  7:37)
Carry On (Giorgio Moroder 12’ Version  5:37)
Something’s Missing
with Paul Jabara (Extended Mix  5:41)
La Vie En Rose (Chris Cox Remix  4:14)
Melody Of Love (DJ Remix  6:15)
Someday (Almighty Remix  5:27)
He Does Love You
with Liza Minnelli (12” Version  4:54)
Whenever There Is Love
with Bruce Roberts (Junior Vasquez Dance Mix  9:45)
I Will Go On (Hex Hector Club Mix  6:38)
Love Is The Healer (Eric Kupper “I Feel Healed” Club Mix  8:12)
The Power Of One (Jonathan Peter’s Club Mix  8:16)
You’re So Beautiful (Ultimate Club Mix  10:51)
Dream A Lot’s Theme
(I Will Live For Love) (Extended Remix  9:14)
I Got Your Love (Eddie Baez Mix  8:39)
Power Of Love (Offer Nissim Club Mix  8:31)
Stamp Your Feet (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Club Mix  8:26)
I’m A Fire (Solitaire Club Mix  7:10)
It’s Only Love (Extended Mix  6:58)
The Queen Is Back (Extended Mix  6:15)
Fame (The Game) (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix  9:56)
Driving Down Brazil (Extended Club Mix  6:39)
Ordinary Miracle (12” Version  4:57)
Sand In My Feet (Extended Remix  4:38)
Crayons (Extended Mix  6:38)
To Paris With Love (Craig C’s Master Blaster Mix  9:15)
Club Life ’94 (DJ Remix  10:18)


A Mid-Summers Night Medley (DJ Remix  12:10)
The Donna Summer Medley (DJ Remix  11:51)
Donna Summer Megamix (DJ Remix  17:38)


Believe (Extended Version  6:32)
Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves (12” Version  2:37)
I Hate To Sleep Alone (12” Version  2:28)
I Got You Babe (12” Version  3:28)
The Beat Goes On (Extended Live Version  9:41)
Half Breed (12” Version  2:46)
Dark Lady (12” Version  3:28)
Pirate (12” Version  3:09)
Rescue Me (12” Version  2:28)
Take Me Home (12” Disco Version  7:47)
Prisoner (12” Version  5:51)
Hell On Wheels (12” Version  5:36)
Wasn’t It Good (12” Version  4:46)
Bad Love (12” Disco Version  5:55)
Holy Smoke (12” Version  5:46)
Mirror Image (12” Version  4:46)
Dead Ringer For Love
with Meatloaf (12” Version  4:25)
I Paralyze (12” Version  3:50)
Rudy (12” Version  3:50)
I Found Someone (12” Version  3:44)
We All Sleep Alone (Extended Version  5:59)
Main Man (12” Version  3:51)
Skin Deep (Dub-Extended Mix  3:58)
Bang Bang (12” Version  3:51)
After All
with Peter Cetera (Extended Version  6:46)
If I Could Turn Back Time (12” Version  3:52)
Just Like Jesse James (12” Version  4:08)
Emotional Fire (Extended Mix  7:12)
Heart Of Stone (12” Version  4:11)
You Wouldn’t Know Love (12” Version  3:33)
Love And Understanding (12” Version  4:46)
Baby, I’m Yours (12” Version  3:20)
Save Up All Your Tears (Extended Version  6:58)
Love Hurts (12” Version  4:17)
Could’ve Been You (12” Version  3:28)
When Lovers Become Strangers (12” Version  4:47)
Oh No, Not My Baby (12” Version  3:13)
I Got You Babe
with Beavis & Butthead (12” Version  5:09)
Love Can Build A Bridge
with Chrissie Hynde, Neneh Cherry and Eric Clampton (12” Version  4:16)
Not Enough Love In The World (12” Version  4:22)
Walking In Memphis (12” Version  3:57)
Walking In Memphis (Dance Remix  5:09)
The Shoop Shoop Song
(It’s In His Kiss) (12” Version  2:52)
The Shoop Shoop Song
(It’s In His Kiss) (Postive Pine Dance Remix  5:09)
One By One (12” Version  5:06)
One By One (DJ Remix  6:44)
One By One (Junior Vasquez Mix  8:45)
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore (Junior Vasquez Mix  9:10)
Paradise Is Here (DJ Remix  6:33)
Don’t Come Crying (Mijangos Club Mix  8:35)
I’ll Never Love This Way Again (Ultimix Remix  8:27)
Baby, Please Come Home (Christmas)
with Rosie O’Donnell (12” Version  3:10)
Crimson & Clover
with Elijah Blue (12” Version  3:37)
Believe (Almighty Mix  7:36)
Strong Enough (Pumpin’ Dolls Vocal Mix  7:25)
All Or Nothing (Almighty Mix  8:34)
Dove L’Amore (Moran Anthem Mix  9:56)
Runaway (12” Version  4:47)
Taxi Taxi (Extended Mix  5:09)
We All Sleep Alone (Almighty Mix  7:56)
Love Is The Groove (12” Version  4:31)
Love is The Groove (Extended Club Mix  7:31)
Takin’ Back My Heart (12” Version  4:36)
Love Is In The Air (Julian Marsh Club Mix  6:14)
The Music’s No Good Without You (Almighty Mix  8:02)
Pui Che Puio
with Ramazzotti (Dance Remix  4:18)
Alive Again (12” Version  5:39)
A Different Kind Of Love Song (12” Version  3:51)
A Different Kind Of Love Song (Rosabel Attitude Vocal Mix  8:55)
Song For The Lonely (Almighty Mix  8:47)
Song For The Lonely (Thunderpuss Club Anthem Mix  8:25)
When the Money’s Gone (Manny Lehman Club Mix  9:24)
Love One Another (12” Version  3:45)
Love One Another (Friscia & Lamboy Club Mix  9:41)
Love is A Lonely Place Without You (12” Version  3:53)
Love Is A Lonely Place Without You  (Thunderpuss Club Mix  8:34)
Real Love (12” Version  3:52)
Love So High (12” Version  4:32)
When You Walk Away (12” Version  4:15)
If I Could Turn Back Time (Almighty Mix  7:45)
Still (Extended Mix  6:16)
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered
with Rod Stewart (12” Version  4:15)
Human (DJ Defect Mix  3:45)
You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me Yet (Almighty Mix  7:13)
Welcome To Burlesque (Thomas Gold Club Mix  4:53)


Cher – The Megamix  (DJ Mix  5:43)
The Extra Single Dance Megamix  1:01:02)


Everybody  (12” Version  6:07)
Physical Attraction  (12” Version  6:09)
Burning Up  (DJ Remix  7:19)
Holiday  (12” Version  6:09)
Lucky Star  (12” Remix  7:16)
Borderline  (Extended Remix  6:57)
Like A Virgin  (12” Dance Mix  6:10)
Material Girl (Disconet Remix  5:35)
Material Girl (Extended Mix  6:07)
Burning Up (Extended Original Mix  6:00)
Crazy For You  (Tony Moran Club Mix  6:20)
Angel  (12” Dance Mix  6:23)
Sidewalk Talk with Jellybean (12” Extended Mix  6:15)
Into The Groove  (12” Remix  8:27)
Dress You Up  (12” Remix  6:20)
Gambler  (12” Version  5:34)
Over And Over  (Dance Remix  7:11)
Live To Tell  (12” Version  5:20)
Ain’t No Big Deal  (12” Version  4:20)
Into The Groove (Pettibone Club Mix  6:18)
Papa Don’t Preach  (Art Of Mix Club Remix  6:45)
True Blue  (Dirty Hands Epic Mix  9:45)
Open Your Heart  (Ultimix Remix  6:15)
La Isla Bonita  (12” Remix  5:44)
Who’s That Girl?  (12” Version  6:23)
Causing A Commotion  (12” Remix  6:43)
Santa Baby (Extended Version  4:36)
The Look Of Love (12” Version  4:51)
Spotlight  (Benitez 12” Version  6:23)
Where’s The Party? (Disconet Remix  5:45)
Like A Prayer  (12” Dance Mix  7:55)
Express Yourself  (Extended Version  7:59)
Cherish (Extended Mix  6:21)
Oh Father (12” Version  4:18)
Dear Jessie (12” Version  4:20)
Keep It Together  (12” Shep Pettibone Mix  7:46)
Vogue  (Shep Pettibone Club Megamix  15:11)
Hanky Panky  (12” Remix  6:37)
Justify My Love  (12” Q Sound Mix  5:06)
Rescue Me  (12” Version  5:23)
Supernatural (Original Arms House Mix  5:39)
This Used To Be My Playground (12” Version  6:15)
Erotica  (12” Version  5:01)
Deeper And Deeper  (12” Shep Pettibone Mix  7:34)
Bad Girl  (12” Version  6:03)
Fever  (12” Version  6:08)
Rain  (12” Version  5:27)
Goodbye To Innocence (12” Version  4:58)
Up Down Suite  (12” Full Length Mix  12:17)
Bye Bye Baby (Madonna Out On The Town Club Mix  5:20)
I’ll Remember  (12” Remix  5:05)
Secret  (Junior Vasquez All In One Mix  11:11)
Take A Bow  (12” Remix  7:34)
Bedtime Story  (Vasquez Wet Dream Mix  8:36)
Your Honesty  (Maddy’s Best Policy Mix  7:28)
Human Nature  (Runway Club Mix  8:19)
Crazy Train
with Ozzy Osbourne (1995 Dance Remix  3:39)
You’ll See (Extended Mix  8:43)
One More Chance (Extended Remix  4:54)
I Want You with Massive Attack (Junior Vasquez Mix  9:35)
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Extended Mix  4:50)
You Must Love Me (12” Version  3:08)
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (12” Alternate Ending Dance Mix  8:01)
Another Suitcase In Another Hall (Idaho Love Affair Mix  7:23)
Buenos Aires (Ti Amo Extended Club Mix  7:54)
Frozen  (Victor Calderone Club Mix  11:07)
Ray Of Light  (Victor Calderone Mix  9:29)
Drowned Love-Substitute For Love (BT & Sasha Club Mix  9:28)
Revenge  (Rauhofer Club Remix  6:02)
Skin (Rauhofer & Calderone Collaboration Club Mix  10:58)
Sky Fits Heaven  (Heavenly Twilos Mix  5:27)
Stupid Things (Extended Mix  6:56)
The Power Of Goodbye (12” Version  4:12)
Be Careful with Ricky Martin (12” Version  4:02)
Nothing Really Matters  (Club 69 Mix  7:53)
Beautiful Stranger  (Victor Calderone Mix  10:14)
American Pie  (Victor Calderone Mix  10:35)
Time Stood Still (Cleo’s Forgive The Past Mix  7:57)
Easy Ride  (Tracy Young Remix  8:30)
Music  (Victor Calderone Anthem Mix  11:58)
Don’t Tell Me  (Thunderpuss “Hands In The Air” Mix  10:23)
What It Feels Like For A Girl (Manny Lehman Club Mix  11:20)
Die Another Day  (Dirty Vegas Main Mix  10:08)
Impressive Distant (Edson Pride Mix  7:38)
Runaway Lover (Jayito Club Mix  8:46)
American Life  (Peter Rauhofer American Anthem Mix Part 2  9:06)
Cyberragga (12” Version  5:32)
Amazing (Almighty Remix  5:45)
Hollywood  (Calderone & Quayle Glam Mix  9:22)
X-static Process (Rauhofer Club Mix  6:02)
Nobody Knows Me  (Above & Beyond 12” Mix  8:45)
Into The Hollywood Groove
with Missy Elliott (The Passengerz Mix  3:45)
Me Against The Music
with Britney Spears  (Peter Rauhofer Vocal Mix  7:03)
Nothing Fails (Tracy Young Underground Club Mix  7:29)
I’m So Stupid (DJ Ander Standing Club Mix  7:24)
Love Profusion  (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix  6:01)
Hung Up (Offer Nissim Club Mix  8:27)
Like It Or Not (Dirty Hands Club Mix  6:28)
Open The Door (DJ Paulo Club Mix  6:43)
Super Pop  (Tony Moran’s Mix  7:17)
Candy Shop (Dubtronix Extended Remix  8:09)
I Love New York  (Peter Rauhofer Mix  7:07)
Often Never (Cleo’s Egotrip Super Mix  10:42)
Sorry  (DJ Mabel Rework Mix  9:17)
Fighting Spirits (Dirty Hands Club Mix  5:14)
Get Together (Peter Rauhofer Private Mix  9:43)
It’s So Cool (Mike D Filthy Tao Club Mix  7:15)
History (Extended Mix  5:46)
Jump  (Scotty K Vocal Mix  8:28)
Mother And Father (Rauhofer Club Mix  10:24)
Forbidden Love (Alexander & Mark VDH Mix  8:30)
Hey You (Cleo’s Celebrating The World Club Mix  10:05)
Let It Be  (Paper Faces Mix  7:30)
The Beat Goes On  (DJ Paulo Mix  5:04)
Isaac (Alexander & Mark VDH Eternity Mix  9:28)
4 Minutes (To Save The World)
with Justin Timberlake (Rauhofer Saves Paris Mix  8:53)
Dance 2 Night
with Justin Timberlake (Edson Pride Massive Vox Mix  9:23)
Give It 2 Me (Eddie Amador House Lovers Mix  7:54)
Heartbeat (Thee Werqin’ Bitches Mix  8:10)
Miles Away (Rafael Lelis Club Mix  8:23)
The Beast Within (Requim For A Dream Mix  9:25)
Celebration (Edson Pride Private Club Mix  8:41)
She’s Not Me (DJ DH Club Remix  5:36)
Revolver (Tracy Young Shoot To Kill Club Mix  9:25)
Liquid Love (David Guetta Club Mix  5:17)
GHV2 (Megamix  11:29)


Mad About Madonna Medley (DJ Medley  12:01)
Mega Medley II (Disconet Remix  11:08)
Megamix (Shep Pettibone Mix  11:21)
The Madonna Medley (DJ Remix  13:36)
The Madonna Medley II  (Ultimix Remix  14:15)
The MegaMixes (Maxx Muzik Mix And Secret Remix  17:44)

Pet Shop Boys

This Is The Pet Shop Boys Medley (DJ Remix  13:18)
West End Girls (Original Bobby O Version  7:50)
West End Girls (Extended Mix  6:38)
One More Chance (Original Bobby O Version  5:37)
One More Chance (Extended Mix  5:31)
Opportunites (Extended Mix  7:31)
Love Comes Quickly (Extended Mix  6:38)
I’m Not Scared (Extended Mix  7:24)
Suburbia (Full Horror Mix  8:28)
That’s My Impression (Disco Mix  5:17)
In The Night (Extended Mix  6:26)
Paninaro (Extended Mix  8:36)
It’s A Sin (Extended Mix  7:39)
What Have I Done To Deserve This
with Dusty Springfield (DJ Remix  6:11)
Rent (Extended Mix  7:04)
Always On My Mind (House Mix  9:38)
Heart (Extended Mix  8:37)
I Get Excited (Extended Mix  6:49)
Domino Dancing (Extended Mix  7:41)
I Want A Dog (Extended Mix  6:17)
Left To My Own Devices (Extended Mix  8:16)
Tonight Is Forever (Amplified Mix  6:57)
It’s Alright (Extended Mix  9:26)
So Hard (Extended Mix  6:39)
Being Boring (Extended Mix  10:40)
This Must Be The Place I’ve Waited Years To Come (Extended Mix  5:31)
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously (Extended Mix  6:31)
Where The Streets Have No Name (Extended Mix  6:45)
Bet She’s Not Your Girlfriend (12” Version  4:29)
Jealousy (Extended Mix  7:58)
Losing My Mind (Extended Mix  6:09)
Music For Boys (Ambient Mix  6:12)
We All Feel Better In The Dark (Extended Mix  6:41)
DJ Culture (Extended Mix  6:53)
Was It Worth It (Extended Mix  7:14)
Can You Forgive Her (MK Remix  7:28)
Forever In Love (Extended Mix  9:21)
Go West (Extended Mix  9:11)
Miserablism  (12” Version  4:05)
I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (12” Version  4:42)
Too Many People (12” Version  4:17)
Violence (Hacienda Version  4:58)
Liberation (Extended Mix  5:15)
Absolutely Fabulous (Dishwater Daughter Vision Mix  12:13)
Absolutely Fabulous (Radio Mix  3:45)
Paninaro ’95 (Angel Moraes Mix  10:27)
Before (DJ Remix  6:12)
Se A Vida E (Deep Dish Mix  9:57)
To Step Aside (Sexier Than Madonna Mix  7:12)
Hallo Spaceboy
with David Bowie (Extended Mix  6:34)
Single Bilingual (12” Version  3:56)
Discoteca (Extended Mix  7:32)
Red Letter Day (Trousers Autoerotic Remix  10:04)
Somewhere (Extended Mix  10:56)
I Don’t Know What You Want (Rauhofer Roxy Anthem Mix  13:02)
Break 4 Love (Friburn & Urik Tribal Mix  10:46)
New York City Boy (Extended Mix  6:46)
You Only Tell Me That You Love Me When You’re Drunk (12” Version  3:11)
Home & Dry  (Blank & Jones Mix  6:38)
I Get Along (Extended Mix  5:29)
London (Three Radical Blaklite Mix  8:36)
Miracles (Eric Prydz Mix  7:29)
Flamboyant (Tomcraft Mix  6:23)
I’m With Stupid (Steph’s Stupide Mix  8:28)
Minimal (Ralphi Rosario Mix  11:12)
The Sodom And Gomorrah Show (Trentmoller Remix  7:24)
Numb (12” Version  4:53)
Integral (Dave Spoon Mix  5:27)
All Over The World (Dub Mix  5:21)
Love Etc. (Extended Mix  6:21)
The Way It Used To Be (Richard X Mix  7:39)
She’s Madonna
with Robbie Williams (12” Version  4:16)
Did You See Me Coming (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J Mix  8:02)
Beautiful People (Vinny Vero Mix  6:59)
Love Life (12” Version  3:45)
Up And Down (Tom Stephan Mix  7:57)
After The Event (German Homer’s Extended Mix  8:03)
More Than A Dream (Magical Dub Mix  6:10)
The Resurrectionist (Goetz Extended Mix  5:38)
Together (Extended Mix  5:53)
Transfer (Extended Mix  8:00)

The Pet Shop Boys Medley (Disconet Remix  9:55)
The Retrospective MegaMix  (Extended Mix  7:48)

Whitney Houston

The MegaMix (Jody den Broeder Long Version  9:23)
Somebody Should Have Told me
with Cissy Houston (12” Mix  4:35)
Eternal Love (12” Version  6:38)
Memories (12” Version  3:08)
Someone For Me (Extended Mix  7:24)
Thinking About You (Extended Mix  5:28)
Hold Me
with Teddy Pendergrass (12” Version  5:59)
You Give Good Love (12” Version  4:10)
Saving All My Love For You (12” Version  3:57)
How Will I Know (Extended Mix  6:24)
Greatest Love Of All (UltraExtended Mix  8:06)
Greatest Love Of All (Junior Vasquez Mix  5:09)
If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful
with Jermaine Jackson (12” Version  4:02)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (DJ Remix  7:24)
All At Once (12” Version  4:29)
Didn’t We Almost Have It All (Extended Mix  5:07)
So Emotional (DJ Remix  7:29)
Where Do Broken Hearts Go (12” Version  4:27)
Love Will Save The Day (David Morales Club Mix  7:36)
All The Man That I Need (12” Version  3:27)
One Moment Of Time (12” Version  4:42)
It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be
with Aretha Franklin (12” Version  4:52)
I’m Your Baby Tonight (Dronez Club Mix  8:32)
Miracle (Extended Mix  5:44)
My Name Is Not Susan (70’s Flange Mix  5:33)
I Belong To You (Extended Mix  5:31)
We Didn’t Know
with Stevie Wonder (Extended Mix  5:30)
I Will Always Love You (12” Version  4:31)
I Will Always Love You (Hex Hector Club Mix  9:54)
I’m Every Woman (12” Version  4:36)
I’m Every Woman (Clivilles & Cole Club Mix  10:40)
I Have Nothing (12” Version  4:51)
Run To You (12” Version  4:27)
Queen Of The Night (CJ MacIntosh Mix  6:34)
(Shoop Shoop) (12” Version  3:47)
Count On Me
with CeCe Winans (12” Version  4:26)
Why Does It Hurt So Bad (12” Version  4:37)
I Believe In You And Me (12” Version  4:03)
Step By Step (Junior Vasquez Mix  11:52)
My Heart Is Calling (12” Version  4:17)
You Were Loved
(Tribute To Princess Diana) (12” Version  4:09)
When You Believe
with Mariah Carey (12” Version  4:32)
When You Believe
with Mariah Carey (White Label Mix  6:26)
Heartbreak Hotel (Hex Hector Mix  8:45)
You’ll Never Stand Alone (Tony Moran Club Mix  10:46)
It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay (Johnny Vicious Momentuous Mix  13:04)
It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay (Thunderpuss Club Mix  9:15)
My Love Is Your Love (Jonathan Peter’s Club Mix  13:47)
My Love Is Your Love (Thunderpuss Club Mix  8:28)
I Learned From The Best (Junior’s USA Millennium Mix  11:30)
Could I Have This Kiss Forever
with Enrique Iglesias (Metro Mix  3:55)
If I Told You That
with George Michael (12” Version  4:35)
Same Script, Different Cast
with Deborah Cox (Hex Hector Mix  9:18)
Fine (Rob Hayes Soulful Mix  5:22)
Whatchalookinat (DJ Thunderpuss Remixed!  7:32)
Star Spangled Banner (12” Version  2:15)
One Of Those Days (Extended Mix  5:55)
Try It On My Own (DJ Remix  6:41)
For The Love Of You (DJ Guto Rodriguez Club Mix  6:47)
Love That Man (DJ Remix  6:41)
One Wish
(For Christmas) (12” Version  4:12)
One Song For You (Curro Jackson Remix  7:07)
Crack Is Whack! (Junior’s Private Mix  7:08)
Get It Back (Junior Vasquez Mix  6:45)
I Look To You (Johnny Vicious Remix  9:08)
Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Mix  8:10)
I Didn’t Know My Own Strength (Rafael Lelis Club Mix  7:46)
My Love is Your Love 2011 (Joe Gauthreaux Circuit Rapture Mix  11:17)

The Greatest Hits Medley (Extended Mix  10:01)

Elton John

Your Song (Almighty Mix  7:13)
Tiny Dancer (Extended Mix  6:15)
Rocket Man (Phunky’s Knee Deep Extended Mix  7:44)
Honky Cat (Extended Mix  5:13)
Crocodile Rock (12” Version  3:55)
Daniel (12” Version  3:55)
Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting (12” Version  4:53)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (12” Version  3:13)
Candle In The Wind (12” Version  3:53)
Benny And The Jets (Extended Mix  5;13)
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Extended Mix  6:50)
The Bitch Is Back (12” Version  3:45)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Extended Mix  6:17)
Philadelphia Freedom (Extended Mix  5:40)
Someone Saved My Life Tonight (Extended Mix  6:43)
Island Girl (12” Version  3:43)
Grow Some Funk On Your Own (Disco Mix  4:19)
I Feel Like A Bullet
(In The Gun Of Robert Ford) (Extended Mix  5:29)
Pinball Wizard (Extended Mix  5:16)
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
with Kiki Dee (Extended Disco Mix  5:36)
Sorry Seems To The Hardest Word (12” Version  3:49)
Bite Your Lip
(Get Up And Dance!) (Extended Mix  6:43)
Crazy Water (Extended Mix  5:42)
Ego (12” Version  3:58)
Part Time Love (12” Version  3:12)
Sorry For Guy (Extended Mix  6:41)
Are You Ready For Love (12” Version  3:32)
Mama Can’t Buy You Love (12” Version  4:00)
Victim Of Love (Extended Mix  5:02)
Johnny B. Goode (Extended Mix  8:05)
Little Jeannie (Extended Mix  5:14)
Nobody Wins (12” Version  3:40)
Blue Eyes (12” Version  3:50)
Empty Garden
(Hey Hey Johnnie) (Extended Mix  5:14)
I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues (12” Version  4:42)
I’m Still Standing (12” Version  3:03)
Kiss The Bride (12” Version  4:24)
Crystal (DJ Remix  8:55)
Sad Songs (Say So Much) (12” Version  4:10)
Passengers (12” Version  3:24)
Cry To Heaven (12” Version  4:14)
Nikita (Extended Mix  5:34)
Who Wears These Shoes (12” Version  4:02)
Act Of War
with Millie Jackson (12” Version  4:42)
In Neon (12” Version  4:18)
Heartache All Over The World (12” Version  3:58)
Wrap Her Up
with George Michael (Extended Mix  6:21)
I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That (Pettibone Extended Remix  7:21)
Flames Of Paradise
with Jennifer Rush (Extended Mix  5:41)
The Rumor featured
with Olivia Newton-John (Extended Dance Mix  6:42)
Town Of Plenty (12” Version  3:40)
A Word In Spanish (12” Version  4:39)
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part 2) (Extended Mix  6:19)
Through The Storm
with Aretha Franklin (12” Version  4:22)
Healing Hands (12” Version  4:23)
Sacrifice (Extended Remix  5:24)
Club At The End Of The Street (12” Version  4:51)
You Gotta Love Someone (12” Version  4:49)
Easier To Walk Away (12” Version  4:24)
Don’t The Sun Go Down On Me
with George Michael (12” Version  5:50)
The One (Extended Mix  5:51)
The Last Song (12” Version  3:18)
Simple Life (Extended Mix  6:26)
Shakey Ground
with Don Henley (12” Version  3:51)
True Love
with Kiki Dee (12” Version  3:34)
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
with Rupaul (Extended Mix  6:56)
I’m Your Puppet
with Paul Young (12” Version  3:36)
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (12” Version  4:02)
Circle Of Life (12” Version  4:51)
Believe (12” Version  4:53)
Made In England (Extended Mix  5:08)
Blessed (Extended Mix  4:59)
When The Money’s Gone
with Bruce Roberts and Kristine W (Extended Mix  4:34)
Please (12” Version  3:54)
You Can Make History
(Young Again) (12” Version  4:46)
Live Like Horses
with Luciano Pavarotti (Extended Mix  5:08)
Something About The Way You Look Tonight (12” Version  4:03)
Candle In The Wind (Princess Diana Funeral Version  4:09)
Recover Your Soul (Extended Mix  5:18)
Written In The Stars
with LeAnn Rimes (Calderone Dance Remix  7:05)
Someday Out Of The Blue (12” Version  4:47)
Friends Never Say Goodbye (12” Version  4:20)
I Want Love (12” Version  4:39)
This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore (12” Version  4:39)
Original Sin (12” Version  4:49)
Are You Ready For Love (Mastermix Remix  4:15)
The Heart Of Every Girl (12” Version  3:40)
All I’m Allowed
(I’m Thankful) (12” Version  4:52)
Answer The Sky (Extended Mix  5:59)
Stan featured
with Eminem (Extended Live Version  6:20)
The Bridge (Extended Mix  6:55)
In Private
with The Pet Shop Boys (Stuart Crichton Club Mix  5:07)


2 Man Show (Cool Project Remix  4:55)
Are You Ready For Love (Rauhofer Club Mix  8:10)
Made In England (Junior Vasquez Mix  12:07)
Rocket Man (Junior Vasquez Mix  9:46)
Your Song (Junior Vasquez Mix  9:59)
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